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We work for your well-being

At Salut25 you can find comprehensive orthopaedic and para-pharmaceutical services, to ensure maximum quality of life.

Because not everybody reacts in the same way to a health problem, we meet you at our centre and study your case, advise you and reach a specific solution for you.

Because no universal solution exists for each diagnosis, at Salut25 you can find the personalised solution.

Mobility aids

Wheelchairs, walkers, beds, sticks, hoists, bathroom aids.

Foot care

Anatomic footwear for relaxation and made to measure, insoles, silicon & accessories.

Maternity care

Products for the pelvic floor, pre and postpartum girdles.

Electronic devices

Electrostimulators, pulse oximeters, tensiometers, pulsimeters.

Vascular & lymphatic system

Compression stockings and products, vascular prevention systems.

First aid

First aid and custom medical boxes, fungible items.

Sports orthopaedics

Sports orthoses, bandages, compression and protectors (tapping), nutritional supplements.

Hearing aids

Custom fit sleep and swim ear plugs to protect from the water and isolate from the noise.

Orthopedic Services, Sale and Rental of Sanitary Equipment Mallorca

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