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About us

Specialists in orthopaedics


Salut25 was founded in 2012 as a recognizable brand of a team of pharmacists focused on health and quality of life.The main reason for the grup is Farmacia25, a pharmacy located on Gran Via de la Constitució nº25, in Artá. We are the sixth generation of pharmacists and we are focused on personalized attention. We recently opened an online store where all we can do is there,  although in the physical space of Artá is where you will find what makes us different (Google maps).

The second pillar of Salut25 is the sale and distribution of health products, with a special focus on orthopedics. We have the degree of specialists in Orthopedics by the University of Barcelona and we have the guarantee of health facility in our Ortopedia25, located in the Avenida del Tren, nº27, in Manacor (Google maps).

The last project we have started is the specialization in niche market products, products of the highest quality that we consider that the demand is above what is being covered. Following this philosophy we started with a high-performance sports vaseline: Base25. This project started in 2016 and you can see more here.

100% personalised orthopaedic service

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Con Salut25 he tenido la tranquilidad de pasar unas vacaciones como si estuviera en casa. El alquiler de la silla de ruedas que me han ofrecido me ha permitido disfrutar de la isla con el máximo confort.
Hans, cliente de ayudas a la movilidad
Como fisioterapeuta es imprescindible contar con el apoyo de profesionales que me puedan ofrecer los mejores productos para mis pacientes. El equipo de Salut25 me ha ayudado a ampliar mis servicios gracias a la amplia variedad de productos sanitarios, como al asesoramiento (iaún más importante!).
María, fisioterapeuta autónoma
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